Robert ~ Senior Pictures and Graduation

Today was the day. My son graduated from high school! He’s pulled himself up from rock bottom, after a very rocky end of this junior year, and an even rockier start to his senior year. He pushed himself as much as possible to at least pass, while having a job. That’s all I can ask of him….to pass, to graduate, to get that diploma. And he’s done it. I’m so proud. I only teared up a couple of times watching him graduate.

Below, I enclose his senior pictures (which I just got this morning) and pictures from his graduation. Smile with me. Enjoy your day with me.

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Robert ~ Two Front Teeth

Once upon a time, Robbie and Cassie were in preschool together. Robbie was almost 6 and Cassie was almost 4, when the preschool planned a trip to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. They had sent out letters to the families inviting each to join them on this field trip. My ex-husband, Rob, and I decided to keep Darcie home from school and take her and Nichole along in my car, as Robbie and Cassie were going to ride the bus with the rest of the small preschool.

It had rained the night before, but the sun was warm and bright that late April morning. The kids decided to wait for the bus outside on the deck, since it was so warm and sunny. Unfortunately, the porch was still wet from the rain overnight, and shaded from the tree so the sun hadn’t had a chance to dry the rain. When Robbie and Cassie started chasing each other around the deck in laughter, Robbie slipped on the wet wood and slammed down face first onto the deck floor. Rob and I both rushed over to him as he started screaming. He had busted his teeth on the wood floor, and blood was just gushing. Rob hurried him into my grandmother’s house (this is where the kids and I were living at that time), into the bathroom. I followed, with Cassie and Darcie right behind me. AR011502

Now admittedly, I am quite squeamish at the sight of blood, and upon getting a good look at my poor little boy’s mouth, I got dizzy and had to sit down. Apparently, Cassie felt the same way, because one good look at her brother and she threw up her breakfast. So I cleaned up Cassie while Rob cleaned up Robbie. We had to make some fast decisions on what to do. We decided to send Darcie on to school (she was in 3rd grade at the time), cancelling our trip to the zoo. Rob was taking Robbie to the ER immediately, and I called my grandmother home from work to watch Nichole (who was only a year old) so I could AR001802follow Rob and Robbie to the hospital. Cassie, after having purged her breakfast, was absolutely fine, and chose to go to the zoo with her class when the bus finally got to my house.

Robbie ended up being sent to a dental surgeon, because his teeth were broken into pieces. The surgeon told Rob that his adult teeth were “right there” and would be in within 6 months. It actually took close to four years. We got so used to seeing Robbie without front teeth that it was actually strange to see him WITH teeth when they finally grew in.

Never stopped him from eating whatever his picky little butt wanted to eat!


I wonder why it never occurred to me to start this blog before? I post absolutely everything to Facebook, as does everyone else. But this blog would give me far more freedom, without having to censor my thoughts to cater to nagging family.

As the title describes, I have four children. My name is Lianna, and I’ve been a mother for 25 years now. I wouldn’t trade a single moment of it, the good or the bad. Am I perfect? Hell no! I wouldn’t want to be perfect either. Could you imagine the pressure? So, let me introduce you to my amazing children.

Darcie Renae is 25 years old. She’s my exotic beauty. She’s a sAR010902erious child with a wicked sense of humor. She’s got a very bright future ahead of her, that she’s determined to map out on her own. I’m quite proud of the woman she’s become, but she’ll always be a child to me.

Robert Scott is 21 years old. He’s my only son. He’s tall, dark, and handsome, and quite a handful when it comes to girls. He seems to constantly have some mystery girlfriend that he’s too embarrassed (by me) to bring around the house. He’s still my pride and joy.

Cassandra Chayne is 20 years old. She’s my all-American beauty. 10398535_62360645924_5473510_nShe’s never been serious a day in her life, and loves to laugh. She’s truly amazing with the potential to be outstanding, if I can only point her in the right direction. She makes me proud every day.

Nichole Brianna-Rae is 16 years old. She’s got an un-paralleled mind that can 18010085_10154343607790925_4422527276101386795_ntruly astound anyone. She has an Asperger’s diagnosis, but isn’t your typical Aspie. She’s very social, and couldn’t imagine the very idea of silence. She’s so incredibly intelligent that sometimes she’s downright scary, but when you throw in her wicked sense of humor, she’s legendary. Have you heard of her Nickie-isms?

I hope you join me on this mission to celebrate the lives of these fabulous people. They aren’t Kardashians. They aren’t Duggars. They’re Stewarts, and you’ll fall in love with them all.