Q & A with the Queen of Nickie-isms

**I found this in my memories on facebook, and decided to ask her the same questions again, so I enclosed those answers as well** 

(originally posted in November 2016) WITHOUT prompting ask your spouse these questions and write EXACTLY what they say. The outcome can be hilarious. (In the spirit of facebook, I asked my questions to the queen of Nickie-isms)
•What is something I always say?
(November, 2016) “the F word!”
(November, 2017) “Take the dogs out.“
•What makes me happy?
(November, 2016) “a clean house”
(November, 2017) “well behaved children and a clean house”
•What makes me sad?
(November, 2016) “um…you’re not exactly sad often. I guess losing a family member. You cried a lot when Grandma died.”
(November, 2017) “I don’t know. You’re usually never sad.”
•How tall am I?
(November, 2016) “um…probably about 5 foot?”
(November, 2017) “I don’t know. About 5’6? Maybe an inch or two off?” (I’m 5’5 ½”)
•What’s my favorite thing to do?
(November, 2016) “watch Netflix?”
(November, 2017) “watch Hulu”
•What do I do when you’re not around?
(November, 2016) “Usually when I’m not around, you’re at work.”
(November, 2017) “Work.”
•If I become famous, what will it be for?
(November, 2016) “You could be a penguin breeder or something?”
(November, 2017) “You could be a famous doctor!”
•What makes you proud of me?”
(November, 2016) “When you’re happy and content. Because when you’re happy and content, I’m proud that you’re not going to beat the crap out of somebody.”
(November, 2017) “Your existence?”
•What is my favorite food?
(November, 2016) “pizza. that was an easy one.”
(November, 2017) “Normally its pizza”
•What is my favorite restaurant?
(November, 2016) “um….Wendy’s, I think. You never really told me.”
(November, 2017) “Um…I don’t know.”
•Where is my favorite place to visit?
(November, 2016) “Aldi’s? You go there often!”
(November, 2017) “Work? That’s where you usually are…”
•If I could go anywhere, where would it be?
(November, 2016) “to bed!”
(November, 2017) “Hawaii? South Carolina?”
•How do I annoy you?
(November, 2016) “When you put a song on REPEAT!”
(November, 2017) “Repeatedly telling me to do something I’ve already done!”
•What is my favorite movie?
(November, 2016) “Cinderella? I know its a Disney movie!”
(November, 2017) “I don’t know. Happy Feet? Racing Stripes?” (I hate those movies, for the record!)
•Who is my celebrity crush?
(November, 2016) “I don’t remember. Tom Bergeron? Jimmy Fallon? I don’t know!”
(November, 2017) “This is a joke answer because I have no idea: Johnny Depp”
•You get a phone call that I am in trouble, who am I with?
(November, 2016) “Probably someone that kidnapped you?”
(November, 2017) “Um…the police?”


Family Vacations

Over the years, I haven’t always worked. I was a stay-at-home mother with Nichole for many years. Therefore, vacations were never something we took very often. Usually, vacations consisted of going south to Mississippi to visit my mother. I did manage to get my kids to Niagara Falls once though. Most of our time we spend together is more local, such as the trips to the zoo or going canoeing.

When I took the kids to Niagara Falls, Nichole was four years old, Cassie was seven, Robbie was nine, and Darcie was twelve. They really weren’t impressed at all. I was. The falls were beautiful. But I suppose I understand that a bunch of water isn’t all that interesting to kids. You can really tell looking at their faces how much they truly didn’t care. A decade later, it kind of makes me laugh….

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I’ve managed to get them to Mississippi quite a few times over the years. As I gather more of my pictures later and scan them into my computer, I will add them here. For now, here are pictures from:


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At last, the Nickie-isms….

Remember when I told you about Nichole’s mind? Well, she’s never had a filter. You know what a filter is, right? Filters out the bad, let’s the good flow on through. Some people refer to it as those little shoulder angels/devils. Other people call it your conscience. Anyway, Nickie doesn’t have one. If a thought pops into her head, it pops right out of her mouth! Example: One day, when I took her to Nationwide Children’s Hospital for her annual MRI, we were sitting in the waiting room. Now, I’ve always taught my children to be color-blind when it comes to racial differences. Nickie, however, doesn’t see racial differences as a bad thing, but more as a most fascinating thing. She’s never even called African-Americans “black” because Nichole is very literal. What she sees is exactly what they are. So, when we were sitting in a very crowded waiting room with many, many African-American families, I could’ve dropped into a puddle on the carpet when she looked around and stated very loudly, “Mom, there are an awful lot of brown people here today!”

Thank the Lord she amused the other families. But–for years, she referred to Amish people as “the Classics” as well. We live in Ohio and see an awful  lot of Amish and Mennonites when we go out and about. I can’t explain her train of thought there, sorry.


So, over the years, when these little unfiltered thoughts popped into her head, I tried to keep a log of them. I will share them below. And just so you know all the players, “Eric” is my 2nd ex-husband. “Aubrey”, “Warren”, and “Nate” are his children.


(Darcie) Nickie left red toothpaste all over the sink! (Nickie) You forgot the blue toothpaste. I left a lot of that too!

(Eric) Nickie, you need to hurry up and eat so you can get dressed! (Nickie) Um, Eric…slow and steady wins the race.

(Nickie) You are kind of cute, Eric, but I don’t love you. You make me eat vegetables!

(Nickie) I have a rabid friend named Jesus. (Me) I thought his name was Rayman.

(Me) Why are you sleeping in the spare bed? It has no sheets or blanket! (Nickie) My bed isn’t as comfortable!

(Nickie playing LPS video game) I got a dalmation. (Darcie) gonna name him spot? (Nickie) No, I’m gonna name him Harold.

(Nickie still playing LPS video game) Isn’t he cute? He’s a lot like Weinie, except he doesn’t ween.

(Nickie) “Nickie” is dumb, I’m Nichole. (Me) How about Nick Jr (Nickie) No (Me) Nickelodeon? (Nickie) How about Fox 28 ? (Me) I like it!

(Nickie) Eric, why don’t you practice going away?

(Eric) What did you learn from watching The Santa Clause (Nickie) To Ignore a “Clatter”!

(Nickie) Christmas is all about being with your family and giving. Its also all about bribing.

(Nickie) Ohhh I get it! The drinks are to make the pee and the food is to make the poop!(uh…wow)

(Nickie) I need your help with this game (Cassie) maybe later! (Nickie) Then I will wait for your reply!

(Nickie – to a little boy) Are you a little boy? (boy) I’m not little. I’m 5! (Nickie) So you’re a lot of boy?

(Nickie) Rides at the fair don’t cost money! They just check to see how tall you are!

(Nickie) I’m going to hide in the bathroom so you can’t see what I’m doing. So you should probably just not open the door.

(Nickie) I’m not your best daughter anymore. I’m mad at you. Don’t talk to me.

(Nickie) I need some cereal so I’m not mad at you anymore. If you would move the bowls so I could reach them, I could just stay mad!

(Nickie) Can I still play my gameboy? (me) No, you’re grounded from video games (Nickie) Gameboys aren’t video games. They don’t live on the tv!

(Cassie) I’m full, may I be excused? (Me) No, u have to eat your veggies! (Nickie) I’m fat now, Mom….can I be excused?

(Nickie – trying to crack a password on LPS wii) “I’ll figure it out…” (then types E-n-t-e-r P-a-s….)”

(Me) whatcha singing? (Nickie) just to myself (Me) how can i sing along then? (Nickie) you can’t, mom, it’s single-player, not multi-player

(Nickie) I had a butt situation but I just had to poop. (me) oh ok (Nickie) I kinda feel like I gotta pee now though, but maybe later.

(Nickie) Mom, can I stay up until 9:30? (Me) Sure (Nickie) Really? Awesome! (Me): Nick, it’s after 10, Go to bed! (Nickie): Hey! You cheated

(Nickie) Does everyone have white marker thoughts? Like on tv, when they’re thinking of something and you see a drawing above their head.

(Nickie) Mom, when I was a baby and lived in your belly it was a lot like watching tv with no picture. I couldn’t see a thing! (sometimes shes scary)


Nickie-ism of the Day: (brushing Nichole’s hair) “Ouch! Please brush gently henceforth!”

The rest of them I saved when they popped up on Timehop, so I’ll just share them as photos:

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Nichole ~ Asperger’s Syndrome

I’m never quite sure what to write about this subject. Nickie has always been an amazing little girl. The surgeries she had when she was a baby caused a delay in her development. For example, average babies crawl around 8 months old or so. Nickie didn’t start crawling until she was about a year and a half old. Average babies begin walking around a year old. Nickie didn’t walk until she was two and a half.

On the other hand, Nichole’s mind grew leaps and bounds ahead of her body. When she was little, we had those alphabet refrigerator magnets. The other kids would use the 10399004_116387930924_3017726_nletters to write random words on the fridge. They’d also draw pictures and label them and put them on the fridge (for example, they’d draw a picture of a cat and write “cat” under it). I credit my fridge as the reason that Nichole could read when she was three years old. The ONLY mistake she ever made was when Robbie had made a rainbow out of tissue paper at school. The teachers had them put their name on them, and put a magnet on the back, so when he brought it home from school, on the fridge it went. So for weeks, Nichole thought you spelled rainbow ‘R-O-B-B-I-E’. This did NOT amuse Robbie.

She loved books, and loved being read to until she was about five. Then she decided that the books we had weren’t nearly good enough. So she started making her own. Now I’m 600full-blue's-clues-screenshotnot sure if you’ve ever been around a child with Aspergers before, but they tend to go through obsession cycles. First, she was obsessed with Blues Clues, for a year or two. Then, she finally left that obsession and latched onto 4991925_origBackyardigans. They lasted another year, before she added a few more shows. Her obsession became the 10398513_64947005924_6725104_ntelevision channel Nick Jr.  Another couple of years of that and she shifted her obsession to Mario Bros video https-s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.comvms-tv-images-prod20170467895POKE_Pokemon_1920games. About a year into that, the other kids introduced her to Pokemon (the only one of her obsessions that I just couldn’t comprehend). Pokemon lasted about three years, I think, before her obsession shifted back maxresdefault (1)to Mario and Luigi. Anyway, my point was when she started writing her own stories and making her own books (typing paper and a stapler), she wrote about whatever she happened to be obsessed about. Nichole never gave a damn about copyright infringement.

39810_418190475924_2957182_nWhen Nickie started preschool, her teachers absolutely loved her. They’d tell me constantly that talking to her was like talking to a very tiny adult, because her vocabulary skills were amazing.  Nichole wouldn’t say she was thirsty. She’d tell me she’s feeling parched and could use a drink. When she’d overhear us discussing a problem, she’d talk about what a calamity we’d gotten ourselves into.  I suppose when you’re being raised with three older siblings, you learn bigger words.

Despite her vast vocabulary and amazing mind, she didn’t start kindergarten until she was six. While her mind was leaping and bounding all over the place, her body was trying to catch up. She wasn’t potty trained until her sixth birthday.

Once she started school, her reading skill was always two to three years ahead of schedule. Her mind started to wander (I believe out of boredom) and the schools started to suspect that she had ADHD. By second grade, the teachers were at their wit’s end with her. They begged me to take her to a doctor and see about medicating her so they could get her to focus on something. I resisted for a long time. Nichole’s creativity and imagination is not something I wanted to dull with medication. She was truly an amazing child (still is!) and I didn’t want to zombify her so she’d sit still and stare at her teacher. Do you think that was selfish of me? Probably….


Nichole at the behavioral assessment

At the beginning of third grade, I finally agreed to talk to her pediatrician about the whole ADHD thing. Darcie had been taking meds for ADD for years, and doing well, so I sucked it up and took Nichole. She had a behavioral assessment by Nationwide Children’s Hospital back when she was six, because her kindergarten teacher had suspected Asperger’s. They had decided that she had ADHD, which I vehemently fought. Nichole wasn’t even hyper. Her obsessions could keep her for hours in one spot. How is that the definition of ADHD? They told me that out of the ten markers needed for a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome, Nichole only had nine. I blinked a couple of times in confusion. Nine out of ten, so what’s the problem? They said the marker she didn’t meet was the social one, which is apparently a very “telling” marker. Nichole has always been very social. She’s quite the little entertainer, and loves to make people laugh. THIS is not a “typical trait” for Asperger’s. Apparently they weren’t aware that no two children are alike.

So in third grade, when I spoke to her pediatrician about ADHD, he agreed to start her on the same medication that her older sister took, only a lower dose. Nichole had a very hard time trying to swallow pills. Hell, she’s thirteen years old now and still can’t do it. I tried everything to get her to swallow them. I even crushed them against the prescription directions. After two weeks, she might’ve gotten about 6-8 pills into her system.  And then our world was rocked again….

My nine year old daughter was suddenly thrown into puberty. Hair was suddenly growing, breasts were developing. Mama dropped those pills into the toilet and flushed. Too late. Within the next year, she had started her period. You know what happens to a ten year old that starts her period? She stops growing taller. Our pediatrician told us that a girl really only grows taller for about two years after they start their menstrual cycles. So however tall Nichole will be at 12 would probably be her permanent height. She’s currently 5’1″.

I spoke with several other doctors and psychologists and psychiatrists that agreed that the behavioral assessment was dead wrong. My child has Asperger’s.


Water Babies

I’ve raised four children and three of them are total water babies. Darcie, Robbie, and Cassie turn into fish as soon as they step foot in water. Nichole…not so much. Over the years, we’ve taken them to lakes (such as Rustic Knolls Campground) and bought the little inflatable pools and such. A few years ago, I broke down and bought an above-ground pool that lasted two years. When we tried to put it up for the third year, there were tiny holes all over the floor of the pool. Enclosed are some of my favorite photos of my little swimmers over the years. I’ll try and caption each of them to label who is who.

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