Cassandra Chayne Stewart ~ Adulthood

  • Moving
  • New School for Nichole
  • Cassie’s 18th Birthday
  • Cassie’s Graduation
  • Darcie’s 23rd Birthday
  • Nichole’s 15th Birthday
  • Robbie’s 20th Birthday
  • Nichole starts HIGH SCHOOL!
  • Cassie starts COLLEGE!


Miss Cassandra has officially passed her 18th birthday. We’re getting down to just days 32191157_10155301682615925_6073332323481288704_nbefore she graduates. This thing called parenting really does hurt your heart sometimes. I can’t believe she’s


graduating high school and becoming a productive member of society. She passed her state boards for cosmetology. She won a Kiwanis award for being an outstanding student in cosmetology. She has already gotten her first and second tattoo! She’s 32788805_10155318096800925_2392529382120882176_njumping into adulthood as fast as she can, and I can’t seem to hold her back. It sucks.

She’s also gotten another set of senior pictures done. I’ll post those separate.

So join me in my parental distress over losing another kiddo to adulthood….32894691_10155318099300925_9105878559318081536_n32923343_10155318099385925_4102857433234276352_n.png

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