Whirling Dervish

I haven’t posted in two months! Holy cow!

Well, the kids and I have been running our collective asses off. We’re in the middle of moving from our home of 9 years into a smaller apartment. That is, Nichole and I are moving into the smaller apartment. Ryan is moving into his own apartment. Cassie is moving in with him, but technically she’s still living with Nichole and I until she graduates. But–to save the second move, most of her stuff is moving in with Ryan. She graduates high school in two months. She turns 18 in six weeks. We have a lot going on right now! But we have even more coming up……


  • Moving
  • New School for Nichole
  • Cassie’s 18th Birthday
  • Cassie’s Graduation
  • Darcie’s 23rd Birthday
  • Nichole’s 15th Birthday
  • Robbie’s 20th Birthday
  • Nichole starts HIGH SCHOOL!
  • Cassie starts COLLEGE!


I’m excited for all these changes in our lives, and terrified as well. I’m starting to feel the empty nest syndrome though. It’s so weird to just have Nichole in the house. I spent so many years living with a husband and four (sometimes seven) children! Do you have any idea how hard it is to learn how to cook for just two after so long?

One thing I’m most proud of is my bedroom. I know this sounds stupid, but after all these years, I finally have a bedroom that I don’t have to share with anyone! I get to pick out the decor, without compromise. So, I picked the most girlie bedroom decor I could find, but it’s still a work in progress.


Picture attached:


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