Happy Father’s Day

Mark Allen Monk

There aren’t very many men in my life, but the few that I do have are very loved. First of all, happy Father’s Day to my father. I lost him in 1992 and I miss him more and more


every day. Its been a quarter of a century since he’s been gone and I still have a hard time understanding.

Merrill “Sonny” Monk

On the same note, happy Father’s Day to my grandfather. I lost him in 1982, and its no easier. Thirty-five years has gone by and I still remember his smile.


William L Sanders

11115622_10152693110705925_1403673445787193712_nHappy Father’s Day to my amazing step-father, Willie. He’s shown me that there is such a thing as a GOOD step-father. He’s an awesome cook, an outstanding husband to my mother, and an all-around great father. I know if I ever need him, he’ll always be there for me, and that means the world.

Robert Scott Stewart III



Happy Father’s Day to Rob, my first husband and the father of three of my children. He and I are still very good friends, and he’s got such a good relationship with his kids. I hope he has a fantastic day.



Jason Atkinson

17634814_739280422899110_920356943432014039_nHappy Father’s Day to Jason, my future son-in-law and the father of my almost grandchild, Tessa. Every day, you impress me more and more. I hope you enjoy your day!

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