The Boys, and then the Girls

The boys came first, actually. First Charley came into our lives on Cassie’s 13th birthday.11047954_10152668740340925_2918404935380975437_n She wanted a kitten, so I took her to the cat shelter to pick out the one she wanted. She picked out a tiny orange kitten with bright blue eyes. At the time, we already had a big

10426245_10152241828160925_8596708978409769163_ngray striped cat named Walter. Poor Walter was in poor health though, and we ended up losing him about a week after we got Charley. So, since Walter was gone, and Charley needed a companion, we went back to the cat shelter and adopted Diesel. Diesel was a little gray kitten (a bit older than Charley, by a couple of weeks) with a white stripe across his face.

Later, the girls joined our family. First Randi came into our lives. I was sitting in the park1173892_10151561014850925_2110907501_n one day, on my lunch break from work. A woman pulled her car up and parked in front of me. She got out of her car and placed a tiny little chihuahua puppy on the ground. OMG was that puppy cute. I asked her where she got such an adorable pup, and she told me her son’s dogs had puppies and he was looking to find homes for them, and she gave me his phone number. I spent a day or two thinking about it, as our boys were already quite a handful, constantly chasing each other through the house. I finally gave in, and called the man. Miranda was adopted the next morning. Randi, for short.



Sasha came to us three years later, actually. She’s the oldest, as she’s easily at least four years older than Randi. A lady I worked with was staying with a friend, and that friend had to go to the hospital. She was apparently pretty bad off, so my coworker was trying to find homes for all of her pets. Sasha and her siblings were skittish, uncared for, and terrified of people. Her nails were overgrown and she could barely walk. So I brought her home. Almost a year later, she’s finally letting us pick her up and hold her, and she’s finally willingly coming to us. She’s a pretty little white, long-haired chihuahua. And before you judge, yes….I do buy my girls clothes!


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