Robert ~ The Hardest Battle

 Roommate shot and killed himself. I met his brother at the funeral and a little over a month later, we started dating. Couple of years later, we were married and had Darcie.

Now, over twenty years later, my son, Robbie, is showing the same signs and making the same threats about suicide. I wish I could figure out how to help him. The night of his graduation, he ended up in the ER for a psych evaluation, under suicide watch. This was the second time the police have taken him in for the psych evaluation. Over the years, I’ve tried sending him to different therapists, and he’d just get bored and quit after a handful of sessions. He has a hard time making friends, and inevitably he chooses friends that end up using him for his car or his paycheck. He’s always been shy and awkward around girls, so when he does have a girlfriend, he tends to bend over backwards and give them whatever they want to keep them happy. In turn, they end up using him as well. I’m at such a loss. How do I help guide him towards better friends and better relationships? How do I help guide him in appreciating all that life has to offer when he just continues to get shit on?

He breaks my heart. He makes my soul ache. I don’t want to lose him and yet, I don’t know how to keep him. I try so hard to make him feel appreciated and loved, to make him smile or enjoy life. I just don’t feel like he does….

IMG_4881 (1)

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